Valesa FAQ’s

Most frequent questions and answers

We usually receive the request by email or webpage but of course, we are always happy to hear from clients by telephone. Once you have answered our questions about the clients, hotel taste, budget, special interests, dates, number of people, then is when we get creative and we will send you an outline of what we suggest for your client. Then you can approve or make changes on what you need before we proceed with the costing.

Once we have all of your information, we can make and send you the proposal in approximately 48 hours. We always respond within 24 hours to every single email. From when your client arrives in our country until they return to yours, we are in contact with your client and making sure they are ok and will communicate to you.

Upon arrival to their first hotel, they will receive a lovely folder with the most updated version of their itinerary, hotel vouchers, train or plane tickets, other tickets (concerts, bullfighting)… restaurant and shopping lists, maps and articles of the cities they will visit.

Yes, always when it´s within a package.

No errrr occasionally there are a few high budget ones that we trust. Same goes for the occasional apartments. Not our strength but you can ask.

No and we also do not sell entrance tickets without a guide, in most cases. The notable exceptions are Jerez Horses, Dali home or a Prado exhibition.

This is a good question, we are very good at it, Marcy is graduate of the hotel school, she is specialized on it. We have a particular way of working with hotels. The tour goes more smoothly when everything is arranged in one package. We are happy to arrange it at a higher cost.

If you do not specify we automatically quote net to you in euros since this will be your most competitive cost. Nevertheless, we are happy to convert euros into dollars (we do not guarantee the exchange rate) or gross whenever these are requested. 

Time permitting yes, nevertheless we would mention the advantages to our packages despite lesser your transparency of the inclusions. Package pricing allow us to include confidential tariffs.

No, as our proposals are each tailor-made to your specifications, to budget and special interests.

We can offer the following options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex (3% extra cost). Online payment is available too and recommended.

This could vary depending on events and components on each package. Final payment is usually due 2 months out and 100% of the amount paid is non- refundable 2 weeks before the arrival of the client.

We have a 24 hours’ number coverage for clients that are here and 800 number for America and Canada.

Of course. Once your clients’ services have been confirmed, then we are happy to reserve whatever you need. Additionally, soccer, opera, bullfight tickets, golf reservations and other events´ tickets are often “just the tickets”.

All over Spain and Portugal, 20 minutes by taxi.

Yes, in most cases. Valesa can arrange Virtuoso amenities for member agencies at most properties and additionally we offer amenities at other hotels that work with us known as Valesa amenities.

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