Virtuoso Life - September 2011

New Issue of Virtuoso Life features Valencia and Morocco. 

Valesa Cultural Services has been a proud Virtuoso preferred supplier for the past 20 years. We are an “On-Site” for Spain and Portugal and enjoy working with top travel agents from around the world to create bespoke Spanish and Portuguese travel experiences for their clients.

September Issue:

“From Valencia to Morocco you’ll discover new and exciting ways to satisy your travel cravings. Add to that, American Whiskey, Urugay’s wines, sprinkle in a few top Chefs and its a recipe for success.” 

Virtuoso Life Sept 2011 “Chef’s Table: Page 118 – Top toques dish on their favorite destinations, their inspirations, a where they eat on their nights off.

MOROCCO: Land of Dates and Honey: Page 128 – A culinary journey through Marrakech leaves no taste bud untickled.

VALENCIA : All Fired Up: Page 140 – In Valencia, a recipe for satisfied travelers: Great food, groundbreaking architecture, and unabashed pyromania

Why Do It Yourself: Page 36 – Now serving: Gourmet Paris and the Loire for a group.

Also, you won’t want to miss – The Virtuoso Traveler on page 54 – For experiences that run deep, Lima’s Luis Humberto Zazzali taps into his travel advisor’s expertise

Read the complete current Sept 2011 edition of VIRTUOSO LIFE here!
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