New Vip Services in Madrid and Barcelona Airports

 Sala Premium Two new high quality services are now available at the airports of Madrid and Barcelona. Meet and Assist for arrivals means the passengers are met at the bridge gate, escorted through Immigration, Customs and baggage collection, and then assisted to their ground transport or driver. On departure, clients are assisted at check-in and with baggage drop-off, escorted to a VIP lounge (optional) and then on to the boarding gate.


The Fast Track service (only available in Madrid’s Terminal 4 at present) provides for meeting arrival passengers at bridge gate, passing through an exclusive independent security control (x-rays), and driving them to the Sala Premium Lounge where they wait comfortably while the staff collect their luggage. The lounge offers full facilities including showers, wi-fi and refreshments. Passport control and Customs formalities take place in the same lounge, and finally the clients are escorted to their transport in a private parking lot. On departure, passengers can be picked up from the  hotel or elsewhere, or met at the airport, and escorted to the Sala Premium Lounge. They are assisted with check-in and baggage drop-off, and again passport control and Customs formalities take place in the lounge. Clients pass through an exclusive independent security control (x-rays) and then are transported by van to board the plane by the bridge stairway. Check with Valesa if you would like to book this service.

2015 Update: Please note that we require at least 1-2 business day’s notice in order to book the service.

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