Group Activities



PaellaWine & Gastronomy Competitions. In La Rioja wine region. Among the vineyards, enjoy an amazing day that includes a blind wine tasting and a cooking contest.  We also recommend paella cook-offs and wine mixing sessions for more than one day in this area and on the island of Mallorca.

Sailing Competitions in Tenerife and Mallorca Want to have a race with a beautiful boat on the sea? We will sail with beautiful Black Jack Sailboats from Porto Colon through a predetermined circuit, as though sailing in the great boat races.  Afterward we can enjoy a leisurely sail and possible whale watching.

wine glassLa Rioja Wine Region. Learn to mix your own wine!  At Valesa we can arrange your own private session with a professional winemaker, for a view into mixing different grape varieties into one smashing wine.  Wine mixing competitions for your group can be lots of fun, and of course you will taste them all before the expert declares the winner.

Trekking and Walking tours. Whether you are passionate hikers or amateurs wanting to have a country stroll, Spain, Portugal and Morocco each offer a variety of unusual terrains- Roman paths, volcanic mountain trails, Pyrenees routes focusing on flora and fauna, Basque Country walks along the coast and in nature reserves, and much more!

pelota vascaBasque Sport Demonstration. Experience the “fastest sport in the world”, the Cesta Punta or Jai Alai in a show where you will see how the players shoot the ball at speeds of over 150 km/h (90mph). At the end of the exhibition, the bravest souls will be given the opportunity of learning more about this sport with the help of the professionals in a short training.

Visit an Octopus market and learn how to prepare this unusual delicacy. Located in southern Portugal, this market visit and demonstration will always be a memorable stop on any trip and combines nicely with special visits to cork forests, local wineries and of course the cultural highlights along the way. 

flamencodancerPrivate flamenco lessons with local performers. Enjoy a few hours with local artists in a private dance studio, while surrounded by the city’s best dancers who all converge at one of Madrid’s longest standing schools of dance.  In addition to your private performance and special lecture about the art of flamenco, this private flamenco lesson is a guaranteed highlight for many groups.

Citroen 2CV Rally in the Basque Country. A different and original way of discovering the Province of Guipuzcoa, with a road book and a camera, since the itinerary visits among others, San Sebastian, Getaria and a txakoli (wine) cellar.

Digital Photography in Granada. Gain a very personal view of Granada on a photographic “safari” through some of the city’s most interesting alleyways, streets and squares with an English resident who has been photographing the city for many years. He will share with you not just his love and knowledge of this wonderful place but also some of the techniques for getting the best results from your digital camera.

4×4 Jeep Tours. Whether you are on the moonlike terrain of Tenerife’s El Teide National Park or in the charming Arrabida National Park near Lisbon or in the mountainous part of Mallorca , we can arrange fun excursions for your group out in the countryside. The Teide’s volcanic scenery is full of mystery and contrasts, and includes the highest peak in Spain at 3.718 meters high (over 11,000 ft). The Arrabida Mountains are just outside of Lisbon and offer most beautiful views over the Atlantic, wild beaches and rich vegetation, as well as a nice combination with wine tasting at one of our favourite spots. And of course the islands are always an attraction for our groups, with private tours and visits that guarantee a memorable stay. In Mallorca we can even arrange rallies in the mountains with mountain bikes!

jamonHam, olives, wine and food, food, food Anywhere in Spain we can arrange fabulous tapas tours and in-depth culinary touring for your group.  Excursions from Seville to visit Spain’s top ham region and learn about what makes our ham the best on earth.  Educational ham and wine tasting sessions where local experts teach us how to get the best out of Spanish delicacies (including olive oil too!), and combine these with other foods.  Cookings classes and market visits with local experts in private venues.  And finally your participation in  the grape and olive harvests are all included in our short list of favorite activities for groups.

Your own Zarzuela operetta performance, and even a touch of bullfighting….without the gore. Just 10 minutes drive outside of Madrid, at the Palacio de Negralejo overlooking their golf course.  These are just a few of our favourite typically Spanish activities here.

The whole hotel … Ask us about smaller hotels where your group can take over the whole property.  Especially for groups with fewer than 50 people, we can offer this privileged and exclusive experience at hotels with Michelin starred restaurants, private wineries, converted castles and historic rural hotels.